Governors of Nine States Recognize I Love To Write Day

The Governors of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan and Texas have “officially recognized” I Love To Write Day.  Read the “official proclamation” from Governor of Delaware:


Statement in Observance of I Love To Write Day

Whereas, writing is an essential communications tool for all people in all walks of life, allowing the writer to express his thoughts, wishes, desires and feelings to others;

Whereas, writers enable readers to journey to exotic lands, explore fantastic realms and experience the full range of human emotion through the words they commit to paper;

Whereas, while the most of us has a story to tell or a poem to compose, very few of us ever take the opportunity to exercise our writing muscles or develop the skills it takes to express ourselves with the written word;

Whereas, educators, writers and other community members have created a nationwide effort to encourage people of all ages to write something, be it a poem, an essay, a novel or a letter to the editor, and to celebrate those who do put pen to paper, Now, Therefore, We, Ruth Ann Minner, Governor, and John C. Carney, Jr., Lieutenant Governor, do hereby declare November 15th: I Love To Write Day in the State of Delaware, and urge all Delawareans to set time aside today to write something and share the joys of the written word.