I am the author of 34 books, and I have worked as a ghostwriter on numerous projects. If you have an idea for a book, e-mail me today at info@ilovetowriteday.org and let me know how I can help you. Because I teach at writer’s conferences all across the country, I have contacts with many editors and publishing houses. I may even be able to help you find a publisher for your book! In addition, when your book is published, I can show you how to promote it on a shoestring budget.

A recent Wall Street Journal article looked at ghostwriting and how it has become a growth industry. According to the article, many publishers are using ghostwriters for many of their projects. Five of the top twenty-five nonfiction bestsellers in recent years used ghostwriters, so do not wait any longer. Make your dream come true, and start the ghostwriting process TODAY.

If you have been dreaming about writing a book but your schedule does not allow you to make that dream come true, then you need the services of a Ghostwriter. Or perhaps you have an idea for a book, and have plenty of time…but do not know how to get started. Writing a book can be a frightening experience for some people, but help is available.